The Carty Group, is a curiosity-led strategic advisory firm that views innovation through the lens of education, discovery and culture.  Through our vast and uncommon network of collaborators, practitioners and community partnerships,  we immerse clients in the rapidly evolving world of marketing, media, technology and cultural innovation.  Our approach is bespoke, hands on and designed to foster innovation through literacy and scaled discovery — all while driving a positive impact on company culture.  

Empowering today’s marketing leadership

A tailored approach for each organization, leveraging decades of cross-category experience and dedicated resources to scale discovery and culture-driving initiatives.


Educating and keeping executives abreast of change is at the core of what we do and we believe in an immersive and hands on approach. Whether it’s in the board room or out in the wild, we curate the best, brightest and most insightful speakers and experiences to expose teams to the latest trends, schools of thought and experiments underway.


Despite an appetite to attend what has become a rapidly expanding and fragmented event landscape, today’s marketing executive simply cannot be everywhere. At TCG, we live and breathe the conference circuit and innovation community scene and help clients scale their insight gathering and development efforts.


The role innovation and education initiatives play is critical in driving company culture. Impacting everything from brand perception to talent acquisition and retention, our programs are designed to drive a culture of innovation. In partnership with social scientists and culture architects, TCG has also developed a proprietary mapping tool that quantifies our impact on these efforts.